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Are You Ready for a Close Encounter of the Seventh Kind?

If not. Get ready. You may already be having one without knowing it. The question are you one of the humans who has been selected for the Seeping by the Congregation or the Restoration by Visitors who do not share the Congregation's optimism about the manifest destiny of humanity. Have you been suffering from inexplicable chronic complex immune problems since childhood? It may be because of stress and the environment or it may be because that you are the first generation of the Restoration. A plan to eradicate humanity before it becomes a plague to the galaxy. Only genetic testing can tell you whether you are just another free radical chemistry gone rampant sufferer on the planet or part of the plan to progressively weaken human physiology to the point of complete loss of sustainability. A group of researchers at North Carolina Institute are working on the cure to your problems. They have been told by the Minders as to what to look for. It is being explained as more advanced anti-aging research when it is really the plan to head off the Restoration Plan before this new stem cell genome system becomes rampant.

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