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Mirky Depths Morality Lesson

Our failure as a species to develop ourselves beyond reptilian survival imperatives and drives and then take those same destructive tendencies to another celestial

system may trigger a series of event horizons by a superior and more evolved alien race to initiate the Restoration. A plan for eliminating sentient human life on the planet and reseed it for redevelopment. On a scale more close to home this really speaks to the tendency so many have to develop and act on imperatives that do not understand why they are inspired to do so and what exact benefit they and others will get. Whether our self agency is a collective social one to explore and colonize other planets without first learning how to resolve our conflicts and take care of ourselves and our existing planet or an individual one where we populate our lives with a proliferation of meaningless achievements and short term gratifications, we must learn better what motivates us and what the consequences of our actions will be.

One faction of aliens called the Congregation wants to help us live better lives on our own planet and help us emerge as a positive galactic civilization. Å growing faction of aliens dissenters want to end the Congregation program and initiate the Restoration and move on to more worthwhile galactic civilizations. Our actions today could affect us forever.

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