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The Visitors are Back....This Changes Everything!
Will we be able to solve the puzzle of what is the real purpose of the Visitors here on Earth before it is too late?
Cafe Window

A Bit About Me and My Characters

Fiction is Just Fact That Does Not Exist Yet

I am an Applied Mathematician, Chemist, and Neuroscientist who has spent his entire professional life searching for the solutions which will free people from despair and suffering in every form. This journey has taken me places I never knew I would go and has provided me perspectives I could never have imagined. Some journeys go as planned, some don't. When those that do not go as planned occur, it is the commitment to a vision greater than one's self that keeps the inertia going to final resolution or grand conclusion. To strive to serve others when life could be much easier not to is the ultimate unplanned and amazing journey which restores humanity and sacredness to all involved. Follow these seekers, some intentional, some not, on their unplanned and amazing journey. I may be just the messenger of this story, but my journey has prepared me to spread the message!

The Humans

Dr. Harrison

"Harry" Richards

Anything is Possible...!

I hold a Phd. in Molecular Biology and am a  Professor Emeritus and Research Fellow at the North Carolina Institute of Technology. My primary interest is in novel applications of DNA electrochemistry and how to reduce thermodynamic stress in cells during Gibbs free energy production and other negative post translational dynamics in cells which can cause accelerated cell death. I feel this is the key to human life longevity extension. To this end, I am studying the jellyfish Turriptosis Dohrnii which can alter its physiology through a process called transdifferentiation or rebirth which may hold the secrets to eternal youth.  My education, experience, and curiosity will not prepare me for what I will encounter on my visit to Mirky Depths, NC. I did not know that I was one of the humans selected for the Seeping and I would come to understand the Incubation and Emergence when one of the members of the Minders chooses to confide in me what is really happening in the small town of Mirky Depths and it's deep lake. 


Dr. Evelyn "Eve" Richards

Skeptic No More

I hold a Phd. in Genetics and am a Research Fellow and Dean at the North Carolina Institute of Technology. For me, the aspect of doing research that I enjoy the most is the search part.  I did not know my search would lead me to what I would experience at Mirky Depths. My long held beliefs about evolution and random mutation would be challenged at every level as my husband and I learn we are part of a much bigger evolutionary design than just what happens here on Earth. The Congregation would teach me more about life than I could have ever hoped ....or have ever dared to know.  Did we just accidentally stumble into a world where all the rules of life have chaotically hanged or are we an integral part of the Visitors' s and Congregation's highly organized and predetermined plan for human inclusion in an unimaginable galactic plan? Normally, my husband Harry and I who do research together,  would be spending as much free time at our University's marine research lab on the coast, but a series of unpredictable events would lead us abruptly to Mirky Depths, NC.


Perry Scheffield

Cherokee Prophet

I am one half Cherokee and one half English. I am the local handyman and part time healer. I am known by the name of the Prophet for my uncanny ability to predict people's futures. My Cherokee mother told me I had the gift of sight. She told me I was a descendant of a great sage who was called "Ugitsisgv" or "The Dawn" who mastered the ability to reincarnate without dying. Because of his ability to renew himself daily he lived for many centuries sharing his wisdom with the tribe. What I could have never predict was how the town I had lived in my entire life was nothing like I thought. They say the truth will set you free. But that is only after you are forced to question what is myth and what is the real truth.

Amber Stephens

Has this gone too far?

I moved to western North Carolina to get away from an abusive ex-husband in New York and really lucked out when I met my boyfriend Perry Scheffield. Quirky beats violent any day of the week.  After a traumatic childhood and marriage, comfort and security were at the top of my life priority list. Little did I know how these things don't necessarily mean peace and meaning in life and how different a situation than what I had planned was I  really walking into. I have never considered myself an adventurous and courageous person but I know right from wrong and good from bad. Or so I thought. The events of the fall of 2015 would make me question my most dearly held beliefs about life and make me confront my most profound fears. I have not been strong and healthy in this life so when my rare genetic connective tissue disease called Ehlers-Danlos syndrome just seemed to go away, I felt real vigor and a enthusiastic joy for life for the first time. But nothing comes from nothing. That something would make me question the basic tenets of life. I will find out whether I am a part of the Restoration and my fate is sealed or whether it is not too late to choose the Emergence despite help from the Congregation.

Rory Talbot,

SArgeant USMC

I Can Rest Easy Now.

I Can Rest Easy Now.

I was a troubled black youth from inner city Detroit. I knew if I did not get out and make a big life change I was not going to live long enough to vote. So I joined the Marines and served 2 tours in Iraq. All I wanted to do after that was to live somewhere peaceful. When I found Mirky Depths I said to myself "I can rest easy now". I put my mechanical skills to good use since I was a tank mechanic with the Twentynine Palms, Calif.-based Company C, 1st Tank Battalion. September 7th, 2015 would mark the end of my peaceful life. My chance encounter with Dr. Harry and Eve Richards would send my life on a trajectory I could never have anticipated. None of what happened could be considered  normal life as we know it. I have always wanted to make a positive difference in people's lives and I guess I will get my chance on a scale I would have never imagined before. I will have to choose between either a normal life which may not exist for much longer or the one I was destined to live

If Not Human Who...or What?

The Congregation

Alien or Human?

They are amongst us. They are everywhere. You many know one and not know it. You may know more than one. You would not be able to distinguish them from humans. They are here to help us through the Incubation, a time in the development of all sentient species in the universe where species develop to the higher order social and biological dimensions that is necessary for species survival called the Emergence. Optimal life longevity attainment is the key to completing the Incubation. Until a species can live beyond 100 years it is fighting against its own survival out of the scarcity in perspective that limited life cycles create. They have been feeding us wisdom and technology to improve our health, environment and social dynamics so this can be achieved. It is called the Seeping. Are they purely altruistic or do they have a plan that is more about species integration against our own self-determination? Are they helping us to focus our free will positively for our benefit or are they really looking to take ours away? Are they here to dominate us or free us?

The Congregation

Alien or Human?

The Visitors

Friend or Foe?

They can take on any hominid like biological form. They have developed the optimal genetically pluripotent physiological composition for complex mobile active transport mechanism dependent species and they can adapt to any environment. But not permanently. Their ectoplasmic core bodies must revert back to their native form for a short time when they take on the alien host form of any higher order sentient planetary species. They must reinstate normal cellular flow dynamics to keep their genetic material and complex distributed cell domains in homogeneous states so they are phylogenetically coherent and can maintain bodywide molecular adhesion. They could permanently de-evolve if too much time passes before they go through the Immersion ... a time of total amniotic immersion in the primordial elemental and nanoparticulate environment of their home planet. They have found this is the best way for communicating advanced technology and social theory to developing alien species to reduce potential resistance and social disruption. They have chosen an out of the way small lake town off the beaten path in the North Carolina mountains where they go through their renewal and then take their place amongst human society as the Congregation.


The Visitors are known as the aliens above us who visit with regularity but only a few know them as those who walk amongst us. They have been observing our species and our cultures for eons.  Observation has now progressed to intervention. Two developments have been the reason. The first is the proliferation of nuclear weaponry in recent years which has been obvious to UFOlogists as an explanation for increased visitations. But there is an even more prominant reason for alien race concern about our development over the entire human evolutionary process. We are incubators for pathogens because of how poorly we take care of our bodies and earth because of our resource scarcity fears and greed.  We could be the next Christopher Columbus's of the galaxy as we press forward with space exploration we also  bring our  pathogens and societal problems with us.  Exploration always means eventual colonization. 


The question is will we be willing to accept the Intervention called the Symbiotic Path and reach our true biological and ontological positive potential and be mentored by the Congregation as a species and be  welcomed into the intergalactic community or will we unknowingly choose the Restoration Path where we are wiped out so sentient life can start over again and the earth can restore its balance? Some of the Visitors known as the Restorers already have a plan in place to end human life in 3 generations through the use of genetically modified humans called the Implants who will reproduce with humans and end progenitor capacity in 3 genetic cycles through modifications in gene sequencing. They are getting more influence as humans veer recklessly towards  the path of self destruction. The galaxy does not support species destroying their biological homes and then just going elsewhere and bringing their challenges with them. Despite the vastness of the galaxy and universe, habitable planets for advanced life development are rare. Some of the Minders think it is time to inform some humans that the Restoration Path is already being implemented at the beginning level in the hopes humanity will come to their senses.

The Minders

Who are they really helping?

The Minders

Who are they really helping?

The secrets of Mirky Depths has been kept for centuries back to the times of the original North Americans. Most are of Cherokee ancestry and they tell a tale of human potenital and societal development passed through their lineage about a deep responsibility to the Visitors and their purpose on the planet.  As the Incubation of humanity nears its end, it is a time of great change. As society converges on its destiny to become a complete and autonomous sentient species capable of incalculable sustainability through the mastery of the art and science of longevity, a new question arises. Were these American Indian descendants also known as the Minders who have guarded the activities at Mirky Depths told the whole truth about their role in the future of humanity? Have they helped humanity or enslaved it? Some Minders come to question just that. Will their suspicions force them to take action which could end up either saving or dooming humanity? Only when a group of Minders confides their concerns to a visiting researcher does the awareness of the grand scale of what is transpiring start to take form.  The truth starts to be revealed as to what the real plans by the Visitors for us really are.  Despite help from the Congregation, forces outside of our control may play an instrumental part in this process and determine whether we as a species can feel secure about our future on this planet or whether we will become just another long forgotten planetary biological experiment.

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