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Don't Miss the Incubation Event Horizon, Your Future Depends On It! The Key to All of Our Futures May Surprise You. Be a Part of the Emergence...Join With the Congregation and Save Humanity!

The Journey Starts Here...

A Journey Into Our Future...If We can Survive the Present!

How Deep are You  Willing to Go Into the  Mirky


While you are looking up what is far more disturbing is what is going on below. Hello and welcome to the website for my book Mirky Depths NC. The question for all of us is "Is this science fiction or science fact?".  I’m looking forward to sharing my journey with you as this story unfolds. 


the reasons why I aM telling this story

It is important that people know what I now know. I have experienced beyond what we call the ordinary and accepted many times in life. I have been to the other side and have held alien technology in my hands. I have seen beyond the veil of doubt and destruction that makes up most of what is defined as conventional wisdom and experience in life. To do what is needed it will take what we have always wanted to ourselves. It is great to talk about freedom but to exert it is a whole different ball of wax. There is no absolute freedom but there is a freedom of beingness that escapes most of us because we simply don't  live long enough to know what really defines it and creates it. Life longevity is the key to all of our futures.


All things must have some structure to give them stability and provide for dynamic capacity so limitations are always a structural reality on some level. We rely on them for many aspects of predictability in life like friction. But too much hinders us. So freedom is a relative state of expression that is based on certain tenets of sentient and kinesthetic capacity definition and expression that transmutes conventional limitation. We must live longer to be free of our fears of scarcity because life is usually an ongoing struggle to prepare for the next phase of life only for it to abruptly end. We must achieve greater longevity so we can achieve greater perspective about life and only then can real freedom be created.


What is our most cherished freedom? The freedom to love. This is where this story begins. What does love become in life? For most pain, despair, and misery as we prepare for its end. That was not its intention. This journey may shock and surprise you. But there is more. Together we can find what that more is that we so deeply yearn for. That is if you are willing to immerse yourself into all of real life....even the mirky depths of it. This story is for you and the people you love. Sometimes the worst thing that can happen in life is that it turns out like you planned.


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