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Before Mirky Depths

It was only in the last few hundred years did the Congregation choose Mirky Depths Lake and the surrounding mountain area in western North Carolina

as its Incubation home. There are many theories about where they have situated their base form human integration and their annual evolution incubation process do they can continue to do the work they came here to do in humanoid form. One possible location before Mirky Depths is the Tongue of the Ocean, a deep ocean trench off the coast of the Bahamas where depths near shore can go from 100 feet to 7000 feet abruptly.

It is believed that the arrival of Christopher Columbus in the Bahamas in the 1400s marked the end of the era where the Lucayan-Arawak Indians indigenous to the area were the Minders for the Visitors. Death and disease ended their time as the Minders as the Visitors had to find a place hidden from the greedy violence prone

Europeans to continue their purpose in supporting humans in their collective positive development.

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